Day 17: As per our previous conversation…

11 Jul

Today was fun day. Sheerly fun. No education being crammed down my children’s throats. No rush to make closings or appointments or tours. We had a leisurely departure from the hotel after our free breakfast – because I didn’t book a single hotel that didn’t provide breakfast! We weren’t in any rush, because Six Flags New England didn’t open until 10am and we were only 10 minutes away. It’s always so funny to go to a smaller amusement park like Six Flags when I am used to Disney World and Universal. Even the “far away” parking lot is ridiculously close. But one thing about Six Flags (New England and Atlanta) is the parks are hilly and paved with tarmac. Heat-radiating black tarmac. In no time at all were a sweaty mess! I don’t really have much to say about Six Flags except that Beau was an exceedingly good sport, considering he doesn’t care for either crowds or roller coasters. Avery loved the swing ride – remember the old fashioned fair swings, with the steel chains and free-floating chairs. And Harper, well, Harper is my high-intensity thrill seeker. She and I rode some crazy coasters, things I, as a roller coaster lover, was a little trepidatious about. Look up The Joker at Six Flags New England and you’ll see what I mean! We took turns choosing rides, paid a ludicrous sum of money for water and other refreshments, and played some carnival games, which ended with Avery getting a beach ball stuffed narwhal, thanks to the efforts of Harper and myself on the bucket toss game. I was thinking we might ride every ride in the park, stay to close the place down, but by 3:00 we were done. And because this was one of the included experiences on my GoBoston pass, I wasn’t feeling like we had to take advantage of every last second of the operating hours. So we happily said we enjoyed the fairly brief, but sweaty experience and shuffled off to the parking lot.

Of course, another reason we were not feeling sad about leaving Six Flags is because of our destination for the evening. No one rolls out the red carpet like the fine folks at Chez Tison. Those of you who have followed along on CMRT before know that the fine folks I am referring to are Joe Tison and Tina Hand Tison (holla at me W&L class of ’95!) Chez Tison is as much of a destination on CMRT as Maine is. Not only do they have a lovely home with a beautiful back yard, they are the consummate hosts. Tina always has a spread of food – tonight was her homemade red sauce and meatballs (YUM!) – and she’s always got a trick up her sleeve (to be revealed tomorrow). Plus, Joe is one of my guys. You know, like Pete is my omelette guy. Joe is my Beam & Coke guy. It might as well be called the W&L Nostalgia Cocktail, and Joe mixes a fine one, with just the right proportions. It was so lovely to just fall into conversation with them around the dining room table, as the kids ate dinner in the kitchen. Tina and Joe are two of my favorite people, and I always enjoy our late-night ranging conversations. This evening, among many many other topics, we discussed the grammar foibles that make us twitch, as well as a rather ingenious vocabulary prank Tina has played that I am dying to put into motion myself. Ostensibly, I am educated enough to pull it off. We’ll see. Of course, Tina, Joe, and I talked well into the night, which, despite my exhaustion of traveling, is harder on them than me, since they have a brand new puppy who still requires the amount of attention of a newborn. So excited to be here at Chez Tison and cannot wait for tomorrow’s treat!


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