Day 6: Sunday, Rainy Sunday

30 Jun

Today was exactly the day I needed after 5 days of hard, action-packed traveling. I did nothing. It was a do nothing day. Rain poured down for much of the day. The morning was perfectly lovely, nice and cool, sun shining, perfect for porch sitting. I had set as my day’s goal to finish the book I was currently reading (re-reading actually – The Time Traveler’s Wife – been pondering the sliding doors of life lately). And I accomplished my goal!! But my day literally went like this: rose late, sat on porch with book, watched from the porch as the girls wandered down to Little Harbor (they returned fairly quickly as I believe the word Avery used was “hypothermia”), inside to take a nap in bed, watched rain from the porch, lounged on couch with book, took shower, lounged on couch to finish book, cooked dinner, played board games with the kids, writing post, headed to bed shortly with new book. That’s it. And it was sublime.

More adventure awaits tomorrow. Beau has requested a trip into Brunswick to a favorite shop, and we’ll likely try to hit some area hikes and attractions. But sometimes, we need to revel in the do nothing day.


Day 6: By the numbers

Odometer: 128,506 – 128,506 (o miles) – Didn’t even start the car!

Total travel time: 0 hours (traveled from bedroom to porch to kitchen)

States traveled through/in: 1 (MAINE, Baby!)

Current standings in the CMRT 2019 Lottery Project: $27 in/$6 out (-$21 loss) – played the tickets bought in MA & ME – the lottery project is not going well!

Number of states found in our license plate-palooza: 0 –> Total of 46/51 – literally didn’t leave the house today!

© 2010 Krista Lindsey Willim