Day Nineteen: Do Nothing Day

26 Jun

Love days like this. Especially at this point in the trip. It was a perfect do nothing day. Well, not perfect, because we didn’t get to spend the entire day with our friends since they are still in the throes of two swim teams, but darn near perfect. As they went off to the year-round swim team practice, I took my own kids to their neighborhood’s ah-mazing pool facility – large twisty slide, lazy river, zero-entry kiddie area – ah-mazing! I baked in the sun while they played and played and played. And in that easy way of children, they made friends with perfect strangers. Preferring to play with their friends we are visiting, but making temporary friends as they were not readily available. Then lunch and World Cup soccer. Then just hanging around the house. Plenty of time for the kids to veg, play epic multi-player games of Minecraft, and an afternoon viewing of the Lego Movie. Then our friends had to head off to their neighborhood swim team’s final meet. So we headed out to dinner – love me some On the Border! – and outings to PetSmart (more on that later) and Target. Just a regular day, but we got to spend time with our friends whom we miss. So it was a perfectly casual, laid back day. And best of all for me, I got to spend a great deal of time just talking with my friends. Actually grown-up conversation. With big words and everything. Ahhhhh…..

New discovery: Jim Beam Red Stag. Yum. Laffy Taffy cocktail. And I’m looking forward to tucking into the NC craft beer selection offered up by Tony when I get home. That’s a parting gift I can get behind.


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