Day Sixteen: Our day in Haiku

23 Jun

Drive Stop Eat Potty Drive

Traffic Traffic Drive Traffic

Crazy Momma Done


Total miles driven today: 356

Number of hours it took us to travel the distance that should have taken around 6 hours? 8.5 hours

Number of states traveled through: 5 (wake in CT, NY, NJ, DE, to bed in MD)

Amount of time spent in stop & go traffic today: approximately 97 hours (Truly. That’s what it felt like.)

Only funny thing I saw today? The panhandler working the traffic getting onto the George Washington Bridge was holding a sign that said something along the lines of “Homeless. Hungry. Anything helps. God bless U.” That obviously wasn’t the funny part. The funny part was that he was texting on an iphone held behind the cardboard sign. Ah, well, at least I credit him with the intelligence to attempt to hide the phone.

Tomorrow: Breathing life into the lyrics of “Tom Burleigh’s Dead” by Eddie from Ohio

There was a town by the name Harpers Ferry
A small border village, a beautiful sight
One day John Brown and his band of men merry
Came into town and were lookin’ to fight



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