Day Thirteen: 4:04pm – Rt 9 – Kennebunkport, ME

20 Jun

I found North Dakota. That’s right. Driving alone on Route 9 in Kennebunkport, Maine, one of the last times I’ll be entirely alone for the next 11 days, and I spotted it. Coming towards me in oncoming traffic I spotted a unique tag. My interest peaked I took a closer look. There at the top was the phrase “Discover the Spirit.” And if it weren’t for my friend and her superlative rice krispie treat decorating skills, I might have missed it. But I recognized that darn tag right away. And then I almost burst a gasket with happiness. I found North Dakota. I found North Dakota!! I don’t even care that we still have four other states missing (Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and Hawaii), because I found North Dakota. It’s been years since we found a North Dakota plate on CMRT. In fact, I’d have to check the record to see if we ever did. But last year it was the only one we didn’t find. And it darn near drove me insane. But not this year. Even if we don’t find another plate I’m calling this year’s license plate game a win. I now believe in the power of a carefully and thoughtfully crafted dessert. Already secured a promise from Tina that next year she’s crafting a dessert in the shape of a winning Powerball ticket!

And that’s it. Really all I have to report. Because I’m flat out exhausted, and tomorrow there is no lounging in bed. I’ve already accomplished most of our packing, but there is still much to do in the morning. And though we technically have until 11am to vacate the premises, we’re headed up to Bar Harbor tomorrow, so I’d like to get on the road sooner rather than later in an attempt to maximize time available to explore in Acadia. Plus I’m attempting to stave off the end of KPT week melancholy. Finally got my burger at Federal Jack’s for dinner, so now I guess it’s time to go home…


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