How does it get away from me?

18 Aug

Time. Desire. Inspiration.

How does it get away from me? It has now been a week since I’ve written anything. Well, at least put anything on paper, or rather, computer screen. There is always some sort of writing going on in my head. I’ve got two manuscripts in varying states and just this week had an idea that started percolating and rising to the top. I want to scream at the little voices in my head: “One thing at a time, alright?!” And then I had this totally graphic, vivid, uber-realistic, horror movie-esque nightmare and a friend suggested I write a book about it. The crazy thing? For a few minutes there I actually pondered that thought. Must repeat mantra: one thing at a time, one thing at a time, one thing at a time (says the girl who is also using her “free time” to take guitar lessons and learn French via Rosetta Stone.)

This week it got away from me because the baby moved out of her crib into her big girl bed and we rearranged the kids’ rooms. All of which necessitated a trip to Orlando for furniture retrieval (I heart IKEA), then assembly of said furniture, and much painting of walls. I really like the way the paint turned out. It’s sloppy to say the least, but still rather cool in concept and color. Which is all fine and good, but hey, I’m still trying to be a writer, here. Wait. I am a writer. I AM A WRITER. What I should say is: I am still trying to honor the writer inside of me. So no more excuses. And I have many excuses. Most of which are terribly pathetic. Have to carve out the time, even if it means sacrificing something dear to me, like sleep, or watching Phineas and Ferb. I must write something tomorrow. Truly write it. Whether with my favorite pen or my laptop. Must get the words and ideas out of my head. ‘Cause you want to read them, don’t you? Yes. Yes, you do.

© 2010 Krista Lindsey Willim